Our Ethos

What are you supporting when you shop?
With every dollar you spend you have an impact on the planet and it’s people.

We believe in shopping consciously, whether it is shopping local, sustainably, ecologically, we can all vote for a different world with our $’s. The WORLD IS A GREAT PLACE AND WE NEED TO DO MORE TO LOOK AFTER IT. 

We are fortunate that we live in a time when more and more products are being developed that are not only functional and beautiful, but are manufactured with the health of our planet and its occupant’s front of mind. The majority of our products have this in mind. 

A lot of our suppliers do great work with communities, giving a portion of the sale price to a charity close to their heart, which is a big reason why we work with them, but we also have a spirit of giving in our store. FOR EVERY PURCHASE, we will be giving a percentage of profits to our chosen charity, we look forward to letting you know how your purchase has helped change the world.
....Gifts......Jewelry........Skincare........Cleaning.........Baby products........and more......

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Coming from a small rural town we have witnessed the amazing service this home away from home provides. We look forward to supporting them this year. This time next year we will let you know how much your purchases have helped us help them.