Rawleigh's Mentholated Vapour Spray - 150g

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A pleasant, soothing, aromatic vapour spray designed to halt the spread of germs and assist those with colds and minor breathing difficulties.

A pleasant, soothing, aromatic spray that is:

  • effective in halting the spread of germs from sneezing, coughing and running noses.
  • effective with asthmatics and people with bronchial breathing difficulties.


  • Before bed spray a small amount in the room and on the side of the bed to aid breathing and to help stop night coughing.  
  • Use in the bathroom while taking a shower or bath.  The steam mixed with Mentholated Vapour is a very good treatment for bronchitis and some forms of asthma.  It also contains an antiseptic.  Good for all night, long lasting results.
  • Great for hayfever sufferers as it clears the head and the nasal passages.
  • A boon for use around young children who will not take medications. 
  • Mentholated Vapour contains no fluorocarbons, so is environmentally safe.
  • This product is flammable – do not store or use near fire or flame. Store in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. The container is pressurised - do not puncture or incinerate, even when empty.

Disposal: Recyclable steel – recycle can whenever possible.
Active Ingredients:
Water                                       Naphtha petroleum
Propylene glycol                      Triethylene glycol
Menthol                                    Camphor
Eucalyptus oil                           Lavender oil
Polyglycerol oleate                   Sodium borate
Propellant: Hydrocarbon